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Vehicle maintenance process tools?
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Special tools commonly used in automobile maintenance include spark plug sleeve, piston ring control pliers, valve spring control pliers, grease gun, Jack, etc. I'm sure you will be familiar with these names. I'd like to explain these tools to you. I hope they can help you.

  (1) Spark plug socket. The spark plug sleeve is used to remove the engine spark plug. The reverse dimension of the hexagon socket is 22-26mm, and it can fold 14mm and 18mm spark plugs. The opposite side of the hexagon socket is 17mm, which is used to fold the 10 mm spark plug.

  (2) Piston ring operating pliers. Piston ring handling pliers are used for loading and unloading of engine piston rings to avoid uneven stress and disassembly of piston rings. When in use, the upper and lower pliers of the piston ring clamp the opening of the piston ring, hold the handle gently, and contract slowly. The piston ring opens slowly, and the piston ring enters and exits the piston ring groove.

  (3) Valve spring operated pliers. The valve spring unloading clamp is used for loading and unloading the valve spring during vehicle maintenance. When using, retract the claw to the minimum position, insert the claw under the valve spring seat, and then rotate the handle. Press the left palm forward so that the clamping port is close to the spring seat. After loading and unloading the air lock (PIN), turn the loading and unloading handle of the valve spring in the opposite direction and take out the clamp.

  (4) Butter gun. The grease gun is used for each grease injection point, which is composed of nozzle, oil pressure valve, plunger, oil inlet hole, rod head, lever, spring, piston rod, etc. When using the grease gun, put the grease into the cylinder to remove the air. After decoration, tighten the end cover for standby. When adding grease to the nozzle, the forward nozzle shall not be skewed. If not, stop filling and check whether the nozzle is blocked.

  (5) Jack. Jacks are screw jacks, hydraulic jacks and hydraulic jacks. Hydraulic jacks are often used in cars. The lifting capacity of the jack is 3T, 5T, 8t, etc. Hydraulic jacks are used to lift cars and other heavy objects. Its structure is composed of top block, screw, oil reservoir, oil cylinder, rocker arm, oil pressure plunger, barrel, oil inlet and outlet valve, oil valve, plug, shell, etc. Before using the jack for vehicle maintenance, the triangle wood shall be used to pad the vehicle; when using on the soft road, the Board shall be placed under the jack; when lifting, the jack shall be perpendicular to the heavy object; it is forbidden to work under the vehicle when the object is not tied and dropped. When using the jack, first tighten the switch, put the jack in place, press the handle on the top of the jack, and lift the heavy object. When the jack falls, slowly turn on the switch, and the weight will fall off.
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