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Function of engine oil in automobile maintenance
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(1) Lubrication

As long as the engine is running, the internal parts of the engine will have friction. The faster the speed is, the more intense the friction will be. For example, the temperature of the piston can be as high as more than 200 degrees centigrade. At this time, if there is no oil, the temperature will be high enough to burn the whole engine. The first function of engine oil is to use oil film to cover the metal surface inside the engine to reduce the friction resistance between metals.

(2) Heat dissipation

In addition to the cooling system, the heat dissipation of automobile engine itself depends on the cooling system. Oil also plays an important role, because the oil will flow through all parts of the engine, which can take away the heat generated by the friction of the parts, and the piston part far away from the cooling system can also obtain some cooling effect through the oil.

(3) Cleaning effect

Carbon and combustion residue from long-term operation of the engine will adhere to all parts of the engine. If it is not properly treated, it will affect the function of the engine. Especially, if these things accumulate on the piston rings, intake and exhaust valves, carbon or adhesive substances will be produced, which will cause no knock, bumping and fuel consumption. These phenomena are the enemy of the engine. The oil itself has the function of cleaning and dispersing, which can prevent the carbon and residue from accumulating in the engine interior. Let them form small particles that are suspended in the oil.

(4) Sealing effect

Although there is a piston ring between the piston and the cylinder wall to provide sealing effect, because the metal surface is not very flat, the sealing degree will not be very good. If the sealing effect is not good, the engine power will be reduced. Therefore, the oil can produce a film between the metals, providing a good sealing effect for the engine and improving the engine running efficiency.

(5) Anti corrosion, anti rust and anti freezing function

After a period of driving, the engine oil will more or less naturally generate corrosive oxides. The strong acid in these corrosive substances is more likely to cause erosion to the internal parts of the engine. Although most of the moisture generated by combustion will be carried out with the exhaust gas emission, there will still be a little residual water, which will also damage the engine. Therefore, the additives in the engine oil have the function of anti-corrosion, anti rust and anti freezing, so as to protect the engine from damage.
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