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Car tire inflator
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Car tire inflator
Car tire inflatorThe method of use is as follows:

1. Close the big ball valve, open the small ball valve, and fill the compressed air in the air compressor into the detonator through the quick connector. Pay attention to the air pressure not to exceed 10KG, and then close the small ball valve.
2. Put the top of the steel ring down and place the tire flat on the ground.
3. Take the blaster to the side of the tire and put the black duckbill in close contact with the steel ring, against the edge of the steel ring, and the pointed iron under the duckbill touches the tire.
4. Open the big ball valve, the high-pressure gas in the blaster will be filled into the tire instantly, so that the tire and steel rim will be sealed immediately, remove the blaster. Use another inflation tube to inflate through the valve nozzle until the tire is fully filled and the work is over.
1. The air pressure in the detonator cannot exceed 10KG. If it exceeds 10KG, the safety valve on the detonator will automatically open to ensure personal safety.
2. The position of the tire must be accurate, and the top of the rim must face down.
3. The black duckbill must be in close contact with the steel ring, and the hand holding the blaster must be vigorous, because when the big ball valve is opened, there will be a recoil force to ensure personal safety.
4. It is recommended to use ear protectors and safety glasses when using the blaster.
5. You are welcome to use the tire burst sealer, if you need any help, please call in time.
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