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Diagnosis and maintenance judgment?
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In medicine, the word "watching, hearing, inquiring and touching" is often mentioned, which is the basic step for general doctors to see patients. And for the problem of the car, repair personnel can also from these four aspects of diagnosis, and then carry out reasonable maintenance.

1. Generally, when the repair personnel see the car at the first sight, they will make corresponding judgments, such as the type and service life of the car. However, if the car needs to be repaired, the repair personnel need to ask the car owner carefully about the parts and phenomena of the problem, what repair has been done, so as to better understand the car and make better diagnosis, so as to be targeted at The problems of the car take corresponding maintenance measures, which is fast and effective.

2. Generally speaking, experienced technicians in auto repair shops are more trusted by consumers because they have trustworthy skills. Generally, the experienced master will find out the problem of the car by virtue of his rich repair experience, so as to better diagnose and repair the car. But now knowledge and technology update so fast, those experienced masters also need to continue to learn. They can learn from books, but what's better is that they can learn through the Internet, so that they can do a better job in car diagnosis and maintenance, and can't blindly be blinded by their own experience.

3. Observation method is a commonly used method for automobile repair personnel to diagnose automobile problems, that is to observe the parts of the car with problems carefully, so as to make judgment and then carry out reasonable maintenance. This is also a most basic and effective diagnosis method.

In addition to the above three diagnostic methods, there are many methods. For example, the automobile repair personnel can diagnose by listening to the sound of the car running, because there will be abnormal noise after the car has problems. According to this, you can make a judgment; you can also use the test method, touch method and so on to diagnose and repair the car. These methods are convenient, practical and easy to learn. They are worth learning and mastering for auto repair personnel.
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